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James has been selling real property for decades. He sees and understands buying and selling trends from a 'historical' perspective as cycles always transition ~ yet human nature doesn't. Working the market 7 days a week having closed over 1,400 residential properties gives him some 'weight' ~ a level of gravitas that can only be acquired and honed over time.

In James's own words ~ "when you've seen real estate markets boom, bust, languish and occasionally remain stable; you come at things from knowledge of the past and a precient sense of the future ~ 'cause there's almost nothing you can't smell coming 'round the bend. The question I'm now asked daily is "how much longer do you expect this seller's market to last?" My thinking ~ throughout 2022; after that ~ hard to say. First time homebuyers are the hardest hit with these conditions 'cause they're 'buying high' without the benefit of 'selling high.' It has not, however, deterred first timers from jumping into the pool with astonishing vigor.

While I enjoy working with buyers ~ improving and staging homes combined with razor sharp photography and highly effective marketing is the stuff of only the very best professionals. That end of the industry requires experience, vision, resources and a fine-tuned sense of what consumers want. Outside of being a calm, cool and effective negotiator of all things real estate ~ ‘ultimate marketing’ is my best skill set ~ and an entirely necessary one to ensure that I secure my selling clientele top dollar for their properties.

Having sold and closed nearly 1,400 properties ~ there's not much I've missed; though I do admit to learning new things daily. A desire to be better positioned to help my clientele is a never-ending pursuit. Having joined  Keller Williams, the world’s largest and most effective real estate organization just 3 years ago; I better understand the value of technology as it relates to nearly every facet of the industry. There is, of course, no viable substitute for person to person communications; though technology accounts for a great deal more than surfing the web for new listings. Look for some radical changes as to how consumers will buy and sell real property and the service they’ll expect from industry professionals. It’s going to be an exciting transition as we draw closer to 2030; which really isn’t all that far away."
James consistently earns the highest levels of residential real estate sales volume nationwide. He has been a keynote speaker, instructor, managing broker and mentor to hundreds throughout his career. Today James operates at both the Keller Williams Towne Square Warren and Basking Ridge offices. Keller Williams is the world's largest brokerage firm with nearly 200,000 agents worldwide.

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"James is the most caring, attentive, timely, knowledgeable realtor you will ever meet!  He did everything and literally, look everywhere to find me the perfect rental.  What's amazing is that his primary expertise is in sales not rentals yet he really wanted to help and did not give up easily to help me. He is a person of integrity, knowledge, and a huge heart. I would recommend him to everyone that is looking for a hardworking and honest realtor."

Monika Meyer

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